Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PSN hacked again!?!...Not realy.

If you tried to enter PSN and saw the above picture I am pretty sure you just whispered or yelled out loud in agony "Not again!". Well we all got a little scared about it being almost convinced that we would never again play online games on PSN. As it turns out we were all going crazy over nothing since it was just a mistake that could if exploited in malicious manner lead to a new leak of personal information. The mistake, being more of a miscalculation, was that you could still change your password by entering your date of birth and your email. Information only known to you.......and the hackers of course. This mistake lead to the PSN being down until the mistake was corrected. Fortunately for us Sony came across it quickly and before anyone could have access to our info again.

via: Engadget
Source: Nyleveia

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