Monday, May 16, 2011

Angry birds for Chrome

If you have an iPhone you must have seen or at least heard off the game Angry Birds. It has a very simple plot with some birds that want to kick some pig "tails". To tell you the truth it is a highly addictive game that fits with the average gamer needs who wants a game that is fast and doesn't require quick reflexes or page after page of walkthroughs. Of course you do not need an iPhone exclusively to play the game. The game is available for Android, Symbian, Palm and a couple of days now for Chrome. So you can now download the game which is available in the Chrome store for free.
Having played both versions of the game I find the Chrome version easier to play since the mouse control feels more accurate than the finger, plus you don't have a finger to block the way so you can adjust the sling with ease. The way to move through the menu is the same as with the iPhone version and it feels a little strange to the desktop user at first since it requires sliding your mouse pointer across the screen. This is hardly a drawback since it is very easy to get used to.
The game play is smooth, without any hick ups and the game screen is large enough for the desktop. The size of the birds in relation to the actual game screen has not changed which is good once you do not need any more space.

You can download the game and see for yourself. More info on the links below.

Sources: Rovio, Chrome Store.

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