Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breakthrough in solar panel technology might just postpone apocalypse!

Solar energy is a promising source of clean, everlasting energy that is available almost everywhere. The problem is that all solar panels created today can harness up to approximately 45% of solar energy and turn it to electricity. But to make solar energy cheap enough we need solar panels that could be more than 75% efficient. According to a research group from the University of Missouri a new type of solar collector has been developed that has 90% efficiency. The solar collector is actually a series of very small antennas printed on silicon wafers using classical semiconductor fabrication methods. The same group of researchers claims that with proper funding large scale fabrication of these solar collectors can be achieved in five years. Lets cross our fingers then and hope that the solar panels will be ready before all major cities are already under water.

via: Engadget
Source: University of Missouri

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