Thursday, June 2, 2011

More power to the palm of the people

The revolution on processing power for portable devices has begun. All companies have been producing multi core processors specially designed for portable devices for some time now. And as we were getting used to dual core processors that rocked our worlds we get quad core ones.
The first company that gave us a quad core mobile processor was Intel with the new lineup of Sandy-Bridge processors announced in January. Apart from the usual mobile processors for laptops, Intel introduced multi core models designed for ultra thin portables and tablets. These new processors use a new technology that keeps power consumption to a minimum.
The second company that gave us a multi core processor was Nvidia with its Kal-El processor. This processor was announced in February and will be released to the market in a few weeks. This processor that could be named Tegra 3 can be seen in action in a very cool video here .
The third company was Qualcomm which just announced its new series of Snapdragon processors with two and four core models. The two core model will integrate a 3G/LTE modem and will be available in 2011. The quad core model is expected in the first quarter of 2012.
The last but not least was Texas Instruments, which just a day after the announcement of the new Qualcomm processors, announced its' new processor. The new OMAP processor has a pair of A9 cores and a pair of M3 cores for multimedia and will be available in 2011.
The next 12 months will be a very hot year for mobile computing  enthusiasts as there will be more than enough machines to the market. All companies have been collaborating closely with Microsoft to make their CPUs compatible with windows 8.

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